Infinite places are pioneering places that explore and experiment with collective processes for dwelling in the world and for building community.

These are open places, possible places, un-finished ones that establish spaces of freedom and the search for alternatives — places that are difficult to define because their principal characteristic is to be open to the unexpected, to endlessly build for future possibilities. In the face of the enormous challenges of our time — in which ecological changes conflict with the dominance of commercial economy, at a time of withdrawal into nationalist identities and authoritarianism, it is all the more urgent to maintain hope…to find inspiration in experiments that are sometimes ephemeral, but that are nonetheless concrete and based in solidarity.

In the french pavilion we present a subjective selection of ten places that emerged out of specific encounters. They are not meant to serve as models, but as sources of weak signals that open up protean, shape-shifting, and subversive perspectives. They exist by virtue of their determination to engage in experiment. Almost all of them started with an abandoned building, or a neglected site. Here architecture finds its means of expression through the confrontation of pre-existing spatial qualities with an organic process of transformation, whose meanings depend on common needs and the aspirations of those who commit themselves to it with courage and determination. In this spatial and temporal combination, the generalist architect serves as an invaluable guide, at the outer margins of the role that she is normally assigned. The architect does not stay within the bounds of building construction but seeks to make places just as well.

An infinitude of possibilities, both here and now.

Nicola Delon, Julien Choppin, Sébastien Eymard

Encore Heureux

Generalist architects based in Paris since 2001.


Editorial Direction: Encore Heureux
Bilingual version: French / English, 300 pages

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